Tadpatri Sahay Yojana 2022 / I-KHEDUT Yojana

Tadpatri Sahay Yojana 2022 / I-KHEDUT Yojana / Tadpatri Sahay Yojana Gujarat / I-KHEDUT Portal Online Registration Step by Step Process.

Tadpatri Sahay Yojana 2022 / I-KHEDUT Yojana
Tadpatri Sahay Yojana 2022 / I-KHEDUT Yojana

Gujarat government runs many schemes for farmers. All these schemes accept ikhedut portal online form. Online applications for various departments are done on the iKhedut portal. In which we will talk about the “Tadpatri Sahai Yojana” of the agriculture scheme through the article”. We will get detailed information about how much assistance is available under Tadpatri Sahay Yojana, how to get assistance and what documents are required to avail Tadpatri Sahay Yojana.

Gujarat is constantly striving for the development of the farmers of the state. The ikhedut portal has been created by the Agriculture Cooperation Department. Through which farmers can avail the benefits of various agricultural schemes through online application at home. Currently online application forms are filled for “Tadpatri Yojana” in Khetivadi ni Yojana on i-Khedut portal. This assistance is given to the farmers to enable them to use tarpaulin for various uses in agriculture.

Tadpatri Sahay Yojana 2022 / I-KHEDUT Yojana

It is very important that small, marginal and big farmers get financial help in the state. Farmers need different tools in their crop production. In which the crop needs tarpaulin during processing in the thresher and for other work. So it is necessary to get direct assistance to the farmers in the purchase of tarpaulin. For such special purpose the benefit of Tadpatri Sahai Yojana is provided.

Eligibility of Tadpatri Sahay Yojana ÷

The scheme is benefited by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat. There are certain eligibility criteria for this scheme. Which are as follows.

◆ Beneficiary should be farmer.

◆ The beneficiary farmer should be a small, marginal or large farmer.

◆ The applicant farmer should have his own land record.

◆ Farmers in forest areas should have Tribal Land Forest Rights Certificate.

◆ Ikhedut Tadpatri Yojana will benefit three times.

◆ To avail the benefit of Tadpatri Yojana one has to apply online.

◆ Farmers have to apply online through ikhedut portal.

Assistance Standard in Tadpatri Sahay Yojana ÷

This is under the subsidy scheme of Gujarat Govt. Under this scheme, ikhedut portal subsidy is fixed. According to this subsidy scheme 2022, the farmers of Gujarat will get benefit. In which assistance will be given to small, marginal and large farmers. Which are as follows.

Tadaptri Sahay Yojana Document ÷

Online form filling of various government schemes has been started through ikhedut portal. The following documents are required to fill the online form of this scheme.

1. Copy of Farmer’s Aadhaar Card (Download Aadhar Card)

2. Ikhedut portal 7-12 (Anyror Gujarat)

3. Copy of ration card

4. Certificate of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

5. Certificate of Disability for Beneficiary with Disability (if any)

6. Consent form of other sharer in case of joint occupancy in 7/12 and 8-A of land

7. Details of soul registration if any

8. Details, if any, of the member of the co-operative society

9. If a member of milk producers association

10. Bank account passbook

Tadpatri Yojana Online Application ÷

Online application must be done from ikhedut portal 2022 to take advantage of Tadpatri Sahay Yojana. Applicant farmers can apply online from VCE from their Gram Panchayat. In addition, online form can be filled from the nearest taluka office and other computer workers. We will get information on how to apply online at home.

The applicant must first type ‘ikhedut portal’ in the ‘Google Search Bar’.

Open the official website https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/ from the result.

After opening Khedut website click on “Plan”.

In which, after clicking on the plan, open the “Khetiwadi nee Yojana” on Rank-1.

After opening “Khetiwadi Ni Yojana” where 49 schemes will show.

In which you have to click on “Tadpatri Sahay Yojana” at sequence number-11.

In which after reading all the information of Tadpatri Yojana click on “Apply” and open the website.

Are you now a registered applicant farmer? In which if the registration has been done earlier then “Yes” and if not “No” then further processing has to be done.

If registered by the applicant, Captcha Image has to be submitted after entering Aadhar Card and Mobile Number.

If the beneficiary farmer has not registered on I khedut portal then fill the online form by selecting ‘No’.

The farmer has to save the application after filling the information completely accurately in the online form.

The beneficiary farmers have to check the details again and confirm the application.

No correction will be made after confirmation of online application.

The farmer can get the print based on the application number.

Last date to apply ÷

To avail Tadpatri Yojana 2022 online application has to be done. This online application can be done from ikhedut portal. Farmers can apply online from 21/02/2022 to 21/03/2022.

Application status and re-print ÷

The applicant can check the ikhedut application status by himself and take the ikhedut application print. Farmers can get online status and print of their application through below link.

Important Links ÷ 1 – For Apply Online Official Website 2 – For Application Status Check In I-KHEDUT Portal

FAQ’s of Tadpatri Sahay Yojana ÷

Question – Who is benefited by Tadpatri Sahay Yojana?

Ans- Small, marginal and large farmers of Gujarat state are benefited.

Question – How much benefit is available in Tadpatri Sahay Yojana?

Ans- The farmers will get assistance under this scheme to the extent of 75% of the total cost or Rs.1875/- whichever is less to the reserved castes. While general caste farmers will get assistance of 50% of the total cost or Rs.1250/- whichever is less.

Question – How to apply to get the benefit of Gujarat Tadpatri Sahay Yojana?

Ans- Farmers have to apply online from iKhedut Portal to avail this scheme.

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