Gujarat Government Announcement Benefits Of Farmer 2022

Gujarat Government Announcement For The Farmers Who are Suffering from flood and heavy rains in Gujarat. Government Announced to heavy rains in areas Crops damage relief fund.

Gujarat Government Announcement Benefits Of Farmer

Gujarat Government Announcement Benefits Of Farmer 2022
Gujarat Government Announcement Benefits Of Farmer 2022

The Gujarat government will only pay backing to the growers for further than 33 percent crop damage due to incessant rains in some sections of Gujarat for the once many days.

Chief Minister Kisan Sahay Yojana

“Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana” for Kharif 2020 has been implemented in the state as per resolution dated 10/8/2020.

No financial contribution is required by the farmers and all kharif crops of the state are covered under the scheme.

There are three risks covered under the scheme. (1) drought (drought), (2) heavy rains and (3) unseasonal rains (mavath).

All 8-A holders registered in the revenue records in the entire state will be considered as farmer beneficiaries and holders of certificates under the Forest Right Act.

Crop loss in Kharif season is 33% to 60% for Rs. 2000/- per hectare and for more than 60% crop loss Rs. 25000/- per hectare will be available up to a maximum of 4 hectares

Apart from this scheme, the farmer beneficiaries who are eligible to get benefits as per the provisions of SDRF scheme will also be eligible separately.

To get the application of farmers online along with land record and CM. A PORTAL will be prepared with a connection to the dashboard.

The sanctioned assistance will be paid directly into the bank account of the beneficiaries through DBT.

Grievance redressal mechanism will be specially created to solve the problems of the beneficiary farmers.

Huge damage to agrarian crops in the state due to heavy rains
In excess of 33 percent of damages, the government will pay backing to growers only.

Details of The government big announcement for the farmers ÷

The aid package will be blazoned only after the completion of the check
Backing will be paid to the growers in the state( Gujarat) for damage to agrarian crops due to heavy rains. Government will pay backing only in case of further than 33 damage to growers’ crops. For this, a check has also been started in rain- affected sections.

After the completion of the check, the government will advertise the aid package
Still, let us tell you that after the completion of the check, the government will advertise the aid package. Because at present the water has not retreated in some areas, the check work has stopped. The government will consider a special support package for growers in case of further than 33 loss.

In excess of 33 loss, backing will be paid as per SDRF morals
An aid package will be decided by the collaboration of profit, husbandry and finance departments in the state. In excess of 33 loss, backing will be paid as per SDRF morals. still, no subvention is paid by the government in case of corrosion of seed.

Full Information And Details in Gujarati Language ÷

Video Of Farmer Who are Damage crops of Their Farm

It’s to be noted that the state is witnessing pall storm conditions for the last many days. Indeed in some areas of Saurashtra and South Gujarat, heavy rains have caused huge damage to agrarian crops. Regarding which the husbandry department has ordered to survey the damage. Damage to crops like chiku, mangoes, groundnuts due to rains.

Full Details Video In Gujarati Language

A check of crop damage will be conducted in rain- affected areas of South Gujarat and Saurashtra in the state. The damaged to horticultural crop in South Gujarat will also surveyed. Heavy rains in there area have caused major damage to crops of chick-peas, mango, groundnut, plantain and oilseed. also, after the check is done, all the growers’ eyes will be on how important package will be blazoned by the system.

Formation of Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs/CIGs) and their empowerment Under this scheme Farmer-Interest Group (FIG) is formed at village level. After registration through the Atma Project Director, the scheme activities are to be carried out only through the members of these registered farmers’ groups.

A group consists of 11-rap farmers. There is a registration fee of Rs.00/- per group. Registration can be done by charging a fee of Rs.10/- per member. For this information can be obtained by contacting Farmer Friend at village level or block technology manager or subject matter specialist at taluka level.

Agricultural Training
Farmers are given training on different subjects within the district, within the state and outside the state.

Direct guidance is given to the farmers by organizing demonstrations in different crops and different subjects in the farmers’ field to know whether the new researches brought out by the Agricultural University are beneficial.

Organization of Kisan Prerna Tour
Inspirational tours within the district, within the state and outside the state are organized under this scheme so that the farmers know the new technology and adopt it in their farms.

Organization of Agricultural Fairs / Exhibitions
Farmers can get up-to-date knowledge of new technologies by organizing different exhibitions/agricultural fairs at each district and state level.

Farmer-Scientist Symposium
This kind of Kisan Gosthi is also organized so that the farmers can know the researches of the scientists and their problems can be discussed with the scientists.

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Farm School
Farmers are farming in the best way with their resourcefulness and scientific approach. The average farmers of that area also get necessary guidance by visiting the farm of such progressive farmers from time to time. Taking this matter as a systematic activity and organizing such visits in the form of training so that there is regularity in them, the learning process will be done very well. Hence, for the process of transfer of knowledge from farmer to farmer,

The scheme provides for Farm School (Pharmschool) as an on-farm agricultural school. In which such training is regularly held in the field of the progressive farmer 5-6 times in that crop period. In which teachers are also farmers and students are also farmers.

Best Atma Farmers Award
The scheme also has a provision to felicitate the farmers for their achievements. Best Atma Farmers Award is also given to the farmers who adopt new things with their resourcefulness and do well in their own way. It awards Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/- at taluka level, district level and state level. For this every year applications are invited from farmer friends. For this, the applications are collected and verified in four stages and the successful farmers are selected for the award.

Publication of agricultural literature for farmers

Encouraging private sector participation/collaboration for overall development of agriculture management

To encourage participation/contribution of women in agribusiness sector

To prepare and publish/disseminate specific success stories achieved in agriculture and allied sectors

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