Garba live 2023

Garba is a folk dance popular in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Malwa states, whose origin is Gujarat. Nowadays it has found a place in modern choreography. In this form it has undergone some refinement yet its element of folk dance remains intact.

Garba live 2023: Modern Garba/Dandiya is a dance influenced by Raas which is performed by traditional men and women. The high energy dance that has been formed by the merger of these two dances is what we are seeing today. Generally men and women perform Garba and Dandiya wearing colorful costumes. Girls wear chaniya-choli and various types of jewellery, and boys wear Gujarati kedia and tie a turban on their head. In ancient times, people used to clap only two times while performing Garba, but today new styles are used in modern Garba, in which the dancers play by playing two claps, six claps, eight claps, ten claps, twelve claps, sixteen claps. . Garba dance is performed not only in the festival of Navratri but also on wedding festivals and other happy occasions. Garba live 2023

garba dance
It is a popular folk dance of the state of Gujarat, which represents the rich tradition of song, dance and drama.It is a dance performed by women around an earthen pot, called Garbo, filled with water.

A betel nut and a silver coin are kept inside the pot, which is called Kumbh.A coconut is placed on top of it.Dancing women move round the pot and a singer and a person playing the dholak or tabla provide the music.

લાઈવ ગરબા જુવો અહીંથી

The participants clap to a certain beat.

Garba dance is a circular dance form performed by Gujarati women and is performed during Navratri, Sharad Purnima, Basant Panchami, Holi and other festivals.The origin of ‘Garba’ is based on a lamp, which is called Garbhdeep, which means a lamp kept inside a pot.

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